CQ EECE 2015: European Emergency Communications Exercise

RNRE at HAM RADIO 2013 EURAO calls for this kind of exercise for the second time, now on October 3, 9:00-11:00 CEST (07:00-09:00 UTC).

The main goal is to practice the skills needed to exchange messages, with an specific pattern, between hams in different countries.

The frequencies to be used are: on 40m (7.110 KHz) and on 20m (14.300 KHz), both in SSB. The language: English.

EURAO Newsletter September 2015

In deze uitgave kan je vinden:

  • CQ EECE 2015: European Noodcommunicatie Oefening
  • CEPT/ECC-EURAO: formele overeenkomst getekend
  • EURAO-10 bij HAM RADIO 2015: wereldwijde meeting

EURAO Party - Summer 2015: climb up to the mountain

The European Radio Amateurs' Organization announces a new party on the air, this time with the motto: "climb up to the mountain". Remember this is not a contest, it is just a radio meeting with a few simple 'rules', better to call them recommendations.

CEPT/ECC-EURAO: formele overeenkomst getekend

CEPT/ECC EURAO ondertekende recent een overeenkomst (LoU) met het Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) van de European Con­fe­ren­ce of Postal and Tele­com­munications Ad­mi­nis­tra­tions (CEPT).

Het is de bedoeling om samen te werken in al wat betreft radioamateur zaken.

EURAO-10 at HAM RADIO 2015: global meeting together

10th anniversary of EURAO and fourth time attending the exhibition in Friedrichshafen.

Lots of hams to greet and exchange views. Members, yes, but also friends. Some of them old friends of each year. Others just met for the first time. True ham spirit in the air. That's our hobby, that's EURAO.

Let's tell you what happened that weekend...

Board 2015-2017

In the last General Assembly (2015-06-27) a new Board of Directors was elected for a period of two years: President ON4PM, Vicepresident YO9RIJ, Secretary-General EA3CIW and Treasurer EA3CWZ.

Good luck in your job, guys.

EURAO Newsletter Juni 2015

In deze uitgave kan je vinden:

  • Europese solidariteit en ham spirit in de Mediterrane crisis
  • HAM RADIO 2015: Op weg naar Friedrichshafen...
  • Velddag en Vlooienmarkt van TRGM

HAM RADIO 2015: Road to Friedrichshafen...

In a few weeks time, EURAO will be again at its booth (A1-563) of the Europe's No. 1 amateur radio exhibition.

June 26-28 is the appointment. This year also celebrating the 10th anniversary of EURAO, with special activities, in addition to the General Assembly on Saturday, technical meetings, project planning, discussions on strategy, etc. We are ready to go. And you?

EURAO Party - Voorjaar 2015: maak het plezant, ga voor portabel

De Europese RadioAmateurs Organisatie, samen met de Amateur Radio Portable Operators Club , kondigt een nieuwe "party on the air" aan, dit keer onder het motto: "maak het plezant, ga voor portabel". Vergeet niet dat dit geen contest is, het is gewoon een radio meeting met enkele eenvoudige 'regels', of beter aanbevelingen.

CQ ENCE 2015: EmerComms on the Net

The 6th Emergency Communications National Exercise (ENCE in Spanish) is devoted this year to RoIP: EchoLink, FRN, IRLP, D-Star, Fusion, ...

It will be held on Saturday April 18, 16:00-17:00 UTC, and is open to international participation. A good opportunity for technical experimentation and to practice languages.

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