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EURAO on the way to HAM RADIO 2024

HAM RADIO 2023 Once again EURAO will be at this European exhibition in Friedrichshafen, Germany, June 28-30, to attend members, friends and visitors, listening opinions and sharing experiences about amateur radio.

As usual, its booth (A1-991) will be beside the CISAR one (A1-990). We are looking forward to your visit!

Free pilot test for Clubs&Groups membership: working on it

EURAO membership card with two logos A few months ago EURAO launched a free campaign to promote its most flexible membership category: Clubs&Groups, and, in return, get some feedback on how to improve its customization to the clubs' requirements.

For this purpose, a few associations were chosen as volunteers for this pilot test. Anyway, the door remains open to other testers, preferably from new countries.

EURAO Newsletter Février 2024

Dans ce numéro, vous trouverez:

  • Journée mondiale de la radio 2024: Un siècle d'information, de divertissement et d'éducation
  • YO9KCS: Radio-club au Collège Pédagogique National

EURAO Newsletter Décembre 2023

Dans ce numéro, vous trouverez:

  • WRC-23: EURAO était présent à la conférence de Dubaï
  • WRC-23: réunion des Secrétaires Généraux dans le désert

WRC-23: meeting of General Secretaries in the desert

At WRC-23 with Doreen Bogdan-Martin At WRC-23 it was not all just about work, there was also time for networking and several side events were organized to make it easy to know the other participants and reinforce the relationship among them.

One of these events was a trip to the Dubai desert in occasion of the 52nd National Day of the United Arab Emirates, the host country of the WRC-23. There were several traditional shows: camels, falcons, food, drink, a massive dinner and a spectacular sunset.

There, in a more relaxed atmosphere, it was possible to exchange impressions with locals and colleagues.

In this context, it took place the meeting between the EURAO Secretary-General, EA3CIW, and the ITU Secretary-General, Doreen Bogdan-Martin, KD2JTX, from left to right in the picture.

CMR-23: était présent à la conférence de Dubaï

EURAO at WRC-23 La délégation de l'EURAO était présente ce mois-ci à la Conférence Mondiale des Radiocommunications 2023 à Dubaï. Une expérience intéressante et une étape de plus pour apprendre comment fonctionne cette organisation et quel devrait être notre rôle en tant que membres de l'UIT-R.

Groupes de travail, commissions, séances plénières, délégations des pays, acronymes, protocoles, couloirs, pauses-café, dispositifs de traduction simultanée, événements parallèles, etc. Tout un monde auquel l’EURAO commence à avoir accès et qu’il doit savoir gérer de manière responsable.

EURAO Newsletter Septembre 2023

Dans ce numéro, vous trouverez:

  • HAM RADIO 2023: EURAO était de nouveau à Friedrichshafen
  • 10 ans de FeRaCat

EURAO General Assembly 2023: new members and keep on growing

The General Assembly 2023 of EURAO was held the last Wednesday of June via internet, after a previous contact in Friedrichshafen the weekend before.

The incorporation of a couple of new member associations was approved, one Portuguese and the other Romanian, as well as the financial reports and the budget.

Preparation for WRC-23 has started!

HAM RADIO 2023: EURAO was at Friedrichshafen again

EURAO at HAM RADIO 2023 EURAO's presence at the German exhibition last June was dedicated to show up projects and activities with the kids that are just discovering amateur radio benefits, and promote its proposal of: "2024, the year of children and young radio amateurs!".

With this idea in mind, EURAO invites radio amateurs around the world to spend more time setting up projects and offering help to children and young radio amateurs to find out more about our hobby.

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