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Radio Science 2.0: ham radio activities for kids in Romania

Radio Science 2.0 An small team of EURAO members from Romania, with the financial support of a local foundation in Buzau City: Fondul Stiintescu , started in April a program dedicated to the children and young people in order to experience applied science with the help of amateur radio.

The project aims to create an educational space and apply in practice the phenomena that accompany the interaction between people using radio waves.

The final selection of the projects was made by a dedicated jury, made up of specialists in fields related to the Fund's themes, together with a member of the Board of Directors of the Buzau Community Foundation.

EURAO General Assembly 2022: new members, new benefits, ...

The General Assembly 2022 of EURAO was held the first Saturday of July via internet. The incorporation of two new member associations, both Italian, was approved.

The beneficiaries of the Radio Amateur Insurance have also been extended to the members of the member associations, starting with the members of their boards of directors.

Excellent Amateur Radio Strategic Planning from down under

A Strategic Review of Amateur Radio in Australia The Radio Amateur Society of Australia (RASA) sent us, at the end of last year, an interesting document entitled: "A Strategic Review of Amateur Radio in Australia", in which, the current situation of ham radio there, is analyzed using a SWOT technique by a panel of volunteers.

The goals of the study were quite ambitious: explore the future of Amateur Radio; retain existing amateurs within the hobby; attract newcomers to the hobby; promote the interesting and exciting elements of the hobby and encourage greater participation; and promote the hobby from within as being inclusive, friendly and engaging.

The results, not at all surprising, do not seem very far from what happens in other places around the world.

The detailed action plan provides very innovative and interesting proposals in an specific section called "Recommended Strategies & Actions". However, ...

EURAO Newsletter Junio 2022

En este número encontrarás:

  • EURAO en los grupos de Facebook en varios idiomas: en, es, it, pt
  • EURAO por Ucrania
  • Asamblea General de EURAO 2022: el 2 de julio, otra vez virtual

EURAO Party - Verano 2022: ad libitum

La Organización Europea de Radioaficionados anuncia una nueva fiesta en el aire, esta vez con el lema: "ad libitum". Recuerda que esto no es un concurso, es sólo un encuentro por radio con unas pocas 'reglas' muy simples, casi mejor llamarlas recomendaciones.

EURAO en los grupos de Facebook en varios idiomas: en, es, it, pt

EURAO groups on Facebook En inglés, español, italiano y portugués encontrarás en Facebook grupos de EURAO donde compartir actividades, experiencias técnicas, dudas y comentarios sobre radioafición.

Sólo haz clic en tu idioma preferido arriba para acceder al grupo de tu elección.

EURAO General Assembly 2022: on July 2, virtual again

The scheduled date for this year's EURAO General Assembly is: Saturday, July 2, 2022, at 17:00 CEST (15:00 UTC).

All members are invited to participate. Remember that only associations have the right to vote according to the Statutes.

As in the last editions, it will be held virtually using the Google Meet platform. If you are interested in participating, ask for the link.

Associazione Onda Telematica

AOT AOT, IQ0OT, founded in 2010, aims to contribute to the dissemination, knowledge, study and use of radio communications and telematic systems used for the purposes of mutual aid and public utility, mainly in the solidarity field of civil protection.

773 Radio Group

773RG 773RG, IQ0XV, founded in 2016, is an Italian association of radio amateurs, born out for fun, friendship, the desire to learn, to experiment, to joke, to build... It has two associative branches: one for HF and another for repeaters, digital systems, networking, APRS, etc. It manages also a permanent award for II0MPO.

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