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EURAO for Ukraine

Ukraine Volunteer members of the European Radio Amateurs' Organization are helping Ukrainian residents from their respective countries, starting with the transfer from the Romanian border and continuing through the passage or reception in other European countries such as Italy or Spain.

EURAO Newsletter Febrero 2022

En este número encontrarás:

  • Socios individuales de EURAO por país en 2021
  • AO#WRD: Día Mundial de la Radio 2022
  • AO3MWC: Mobile World Congress 2022

EURAO Party - Winter 2022: World Radio Day

The European Radio Amateurs' Organization announces a new party on the air, this time with the motto: "World Radio Day". Remember this is not a contest, it is just a radio meeting with a few simple 'rules', better to call them recommendations.

EURAO individual members by country in 2021

EURAO individual members by country 2021 Once the 2021 financial year has been closed and the draft financial report prepared, today we want to highlight an interesting aspect of that report: from which countries do the individual members of EURAO come?

Germany leads the ranking with 18,2%, followed by Spain with 15,1% and the United Kingdom with 13,8%. At a certain distance they are followed by Portugal (8,2%), Belgium (7,5%), Italy (7,5%), Netherlands (6,3%) and France (5,7%). Finally we can find Greece (3,8%), USA (2,5%), Ireland (1,9%) and Romania (1,3%). Within the remaining 8,2% we can find radio amateurs from countries as far away as Australia or from nearby, European ones, such as Austria, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Slovakia, etc.

EURAO Newsletter Diciembre 2021

En este número encontrarás:

  • CISAR: Feliz 40 aniversario!!!
  • EANET Sprint Contest 2021: resultado final
  • Asamblea FEDI-EA 2021: on-line y en abierto

EURAO Party - Otoño 2021: cazando SES

La Organización Europea de Radioaficionados anuncia una nueva fiesta en el aire, esta vez con el lema: "cazando SES". Recuerda que esto no es un concurso, es sólo un encuentro por radio con unas pocas 'reglas' muy simples, casi mejor llamarlas recomendaciones.

EURAO Newsletter Septiembre 2021

En este número encontrarás:

  • Asamblea General de EURAO 2021: más participación en vivo y...
  • Participando en UKW FUN 1.0
  • EU-DX Contest 2021: placas listas para ser enviadas

EURAO General Assembly 2021: more live participation and...

The General Assembly 2021 of EURAO was held the last Saturday of June via internet, with more people participating live and more topics to discuss than ever.

One of the most interesting addressed points was the call for participation in projects such as: its own Emergency Communications coordination, the setup of an European DMR network and a new DXpedition team.

Field Day, but sure

Radio Amateur activities Are you planning to participate in a Field Day soon? Or in a SOTA activation, in a DXpedition or in any other radio activity outside the QTH? Do you have any insurance that covers any unforeseen risk that may occur?

Now EURAO offers you its Radio Amateur Insurance for only 10 EUR/year*.

With a coverage of 9.000.000 EUR, the purpose of this service is to guarantee the pecuniary consequences of the civil liability incumbent on the insured due to consequential bodily, material and immaterial damage caused to third parties as a result of their radio amateur activities, including travel, and events organized by the subscriber, including assembly and disassembly operations.

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