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Lighthouse 2017-31

URC News - 3 ore 30 min fa
Calendrier de la semaine 31

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  • 28/07-31/07 BY4JN: Lingshan Dao WLOTA 0895 QSL via BI4IIZ (d/B)
  • 28/07-31/07 DR0F: Neuwerk Island WLOTA 2311 QSL DM4DL (d/B)
  • 28/07-02/08 G/DD2CW/P: Isle of Wight WLOTA 2985 QSL H/c (d/B)
  • 28/07-02/08 G/ON3UN/P: Isle of Wight WLOTA 2985 QSL H/c (d/B)
  • 28/07-02/08 G/ON6LY/P: Isle of Wight WLOTA 2985 QSL H/c (d/B)
  • 28/07-02/08 G/ON6UQ/P: Isle of Wight WLOTA 2985 QSL H/c (d/B)
  • 28/07-01/08 K5KUA/5: Galveston Island WLOTA 1184 QSL H/c (d/B)

  • 29/07-30/07 3D2SE: Viti Levu Island WLOTA 0055 QSL ZL3TE, LoTW
  • 29/07-30/07 5P5CW: Langeland Island WLOTA 0590 QSL DL5SE (d/B)
  • 29/07-30/07 5P7LSO: Laeso Island WLOTA 2820 QSL OZ1KZX (d/B)
  • 29/07-30/07 9A/OM6NM: Otok Korcula WLOTA 1315 QSL OM2FY (d/B)
  • 29/07-30/07 AM625VQ: Isla de Mallorca WLOTA 1902 QSL EA6VQ, LoTW
  • 29/07-30/07 CR2V: Ilha Das Flores WLOTA 0947 QSL HB9CRV (B), LoTW
  • 29/07-30/07 CR3G: Ilha da Madeira WLOTA 0053 QSL LoTW, ClubLog OQRS
  • 29/07-31/07 CR5CW: Culatra Island WLOTA 0144 QSL CT7ACG (QRZ.com)
  • 29/07-30/07 DF5A: Ruegen Island WLOTA 1712 QSL DL9GMN (d/B)
  • 29/07-30/07 DJ6OI/P: Helgoland WLOTA 0518 QSL H/c (d/B)
  • 29/07-30/07 DL5KUD: Ruegen Island WLOTA 1712 QSL ClubLog OQRS
  • 29/07-30/07 DO7ES: Rugen Island WLOTA 1712 QSL QRZ.com
  • 29/07-30/07 EA5HPX/P: Isla de Tabarca WLOTA 1779 QSL H/c (d/B)
  • 29/07-30/07 EA8AQV: Isla de Gran Canaria WLOTA 0969 QSL Direct, eQSL
  • 29/07-30/07 EA8CNR: Isla de Gran Canaria WLOTA 0969 QSL Direct, eQSL
  • 29/07-30/07 EI/ON6QR: Tory Island WLOTA 0044 QSL H/c (d/B)
  • 29/07-30/07 EJ3HB: Bere Island WLOTA 2983 QSL M0OXO’s OQRS
  • 29/07-30/07 EJ8KO: Arranmore Island WLOTA 1189 QSL G0SYP (B), LoTW
  • 29/07-30/07 ES0DJ: Muhu Island WLOTA 2725 QSL QRZ.com
  • 29/07-30/07 ES0V: Saaremaa Island WLOTA 1401 QSL ES3VI, LoTW
  • 29/07-30/07 G4ALE/P: Isle of Wight WLOTA 2985 QSL G3VYI (d/B)
  • 29/07-30/07 G5XV: Isle of Wight WLOTA 2985 QSL direct/Buro
  • 29/07-30/07 G6XX: England (main island) WLOTA 1841 QSL LoTW
  • 29/07-30/07 GB9IOW: Isle of Wight WLOTA 2985 QSL ON3UN, LoTW
  • 29/07-30/07 GJ2A: Jersey Island (main) WLOTA 0818 QSL LoTW
  • 29/07-30/07 GM2T: Tiree Island WLOTA 2232 QSL GM4UYZ (d/B)
  • 29/07-30/07 GU3HFN/P: Guernsey Island WLOTA 0013 QSL GU8ITE (d/B)
  • 29/07-30/07 GW6W: Wales (main island) WLOTA 0453 QSL LoTW
  • 29/07-30/07 IF9A: Isola Favignana WLOTA 1545 QSL IT9PPG (d/B)
  • 29/07-30/07 IN3EQD/IA5: Isola d’Elba WLOTA 0609 QSL H/c (d/B)
  • 29/07-30/07 IO9Z: Sicily Island WLOTA 1362 QSL IT9DSZ (B)
  • 29/07-30/07 IP1T: Isola del Tino WLOTA 0645 QSL I1ANP (d)
  • 29/07-30/07 IS0/G4DJX: Sardinia WLOTA 1608 QSL H/c (d), LoTW
  • 29/07-30/07 IS0/OM8A: Sardinia WLOTA 1608 QSL OM2VL (d/B)
  • 29/07-30/07 IT9MUO: Sicilia Island WLOTA 1362 QSL direct or Buro
  • 29/07-30/07 IT9RZU: Sicilia Island (Sicily) WLOTA 1362 QSL Buro
  • 29/07-30/07 MD/OO4O: Man Island WLOTA 0449 QSL ON4APU (B)
  • 29/07-30/07 OZ/DL8MF: Samsoe Island WLOTA 0726 QSL H/c (d/B)
  • 29/07-30/07 OZ8SW/P: Sjaelland Island WLOTA 3302 QSL H/c (d/B)
  • 29/07-30/07 OZ9V/P: Aero Island WLOTA 2676 QSL LoTW
  • 29/07-30/07 PA5TT: Schouwen Duiveland Island WLOTA 3089 QSL QRZ.com
  • 29/07-30/07 SM0MDG/1: Gotland Island WLOTA 2969 QSL LoTW only
  • 29/07-30/07 SN0RX: Wolin Island WLOTA 4120 QSL SP8BXL (d/B)
  • 29/07-30/07 SP7VC/1: Wolin Island WLOTA 4120 QSL LoTW
  • 29/07-30/07 SV0XAF: Nisis Paros WLOTA 3084 QSL QRZ.com
  • 29/07-30/07 SX5R: Nisos Rodhos WLOTA 0045 QSL SV5DKL (d/B)
  • 29/07-30/07 SZ8LES: Nisos Lesvos WLOTA 0165 QSL Direct/Buro
  • 29/07-30/07 VC1G: Outer Island WLOTA 1573 QSL VA1YL (d/B)
  • 29/07-30/07 VE2VIA/VE9: Lameque Island WLOTA 0576 QSL H/c (d/B)
  • 29/07-30/07 VY2TT: Prince Edward Island WLOTA 0523 QSL K6LA (d)
  • 29/07-30/07 W2IY/1: Mount Desert Rock WLOTA 1129 QSL H/c (d/B)
  • 31/07-05/08 GB4RME: Wales – Main Island WLOTA 0453 QSL GW0ANA (d/B)
  • 01/08-31/08 GX4BJC/A: England (main island) WLOTA 1841 QSL G6XOU (d/B)
  • 01/08-30/10 HC8/G8OFQ: Isla Isabela WLOTA 2957 QSL H/c (d/B), OQRS
  • 01/08-31/08 MX1SWL/A: England (main island) WLOTA 1841 QSL G6XOU (d/B)
  • 02/08-05/08 SM4DDS/3: Hogbonden Isl WLOL SWE-194, WLOTA 0868 QSL ClubLog OQRS
  • 03/08-12/08 JD1BOI: Chichi Shima WLOTA 2269 QSL JI1LET (d/B)
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Schon 300 registrierte Teilnehmer zum ILLW 2017

DARC - 4 ore 22 min fa

Anlässlich des International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend, welches am 19. und 20. August auf den Bändern stattfinden wird, haben sich bereits 300 Operator registriert, um Funkbetrieb von Leuchttürmen und Feuerschiffen zu machen. Deutschland ist laut einer Meldung auf dem britischen Nachrichtenportal Southgate mit 51 Stationen vertreten, dicht gefolgt von solchen aus den USA (48) und Australien (39).

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ARISS contact planned for Summer Camp in Germany

SARC - 6 ore 13 min fa
An International Space Station ARISS contact has been planned for astronaut Paolo Nespoli IZ0JP with VCP-Bundeszeltplatz, Großzerlang, Germany
Categorie: en

Traditional ham radio leaves youngsters uninterested

SARC - 6 ore 13 min fa
ARRL President Rick Roderick, K5UR, expressed his surprise when he discovered his usual amateur radio talk didn't impress young people
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Essex radio ham promotes hobby

SARC - 6 ore 13 min fa
Pete Sipple M0PSX of Essex Ham used the recent Slow Scan Television transmissions from the Space Station to get some good publicity for Amateur Radio
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Ofcom propose using Amateur Satellite allocation for Broadband

SARC - 6 ore 13 min fa
Ofcom is consulting on plans to enable access to additional frequencies for broadband fixed wireless access in the 5725-5850 MHz band, known as the 5.8 GHz band
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437 MHz Sprite satellites deployed

SARC - 6 ore 13 min fa
Scientific American magazine interviews radio amateur Zac Manchester KD2BHC in the article Breakthrough Sends Smallest-Ever Satellites into Orbit
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Rapidly prototyping RF filters

SARC - 6 ore 13 min fa
Sebastian Holzapfel VK2SEB has released a guide to simulating microstrip filters in QUCS and prototyping them with copper tape on blank FR4 sheets
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Longtime radio ham gets lifetime recognition

SARC - 6 ore 13 min fa
Any licensed ham radio operator in the Carolinas, and across the country for that matter, likely knows the name of 99-year-old Oscar Norris W4OXH
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Licensing decision relating to Iman Media UK Limited

SARC - 6 ore 13 min fa
Ofcom has revoked the community radio licence held by Iman Media UK Limited, following an investigation
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3.4 GHz at Makers Bazaar

SARC - 6 ore 13 min fa
On July 13 the Reading and District Amateur Radio Club held a Makers Bazaar
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The 300th ILLW registration

SARC - 6 ore 13 min fa
The Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse VO 1 OK in Newfoundland, Canada, is the milestone 300th registration in this year’s International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend
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RSGB presentation to Ofcom Group

SARC - 6 ore 13 min fa
On June 30 RSGB VHF Manager John Regnault G4SWX gave a presentation to the Ofcom Business Radio Interest Group on the experimental work being done by radio amateurs with 146 MHz Digital Television
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Packet Module status on board ISS

SARC - 6 ore 13 min fa
ARISS has received several reports stating that the packet system on ISS is down. Here is what we know and our current forward plan
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Tony's 10 Metre Band Report

SARC - 6 ore 13 min fa
Another odd week with generally fair conditions but varied
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SARC - 6 ore 13 min fa
The upcoming weekend sees this year's edition of the IOTA contest, organised by the RSGB
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Jersey radio ham gets publicity for hobby

SARC - 6 ore 13 min fa
Nigel Utting GJ7LJJ was interviewed by Sophia Bird of Channel TV whilst working portable with a kite antenna
Categorie: en

Space lightning over Hawaii

SARC - 6 ore 13 min fa
This week, automated cameras atop a dormant volcano in Hawaii captured rare footage of Gigantic Jets leaping up from a powerful thunderstorm
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ISWL Callsigns for August

SARC - 6 ore 13 min fa
The following ISWL club callsigns will be used throughout the month of August 2017
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Additional Services Licence

SARC - 6 ore 13 min fa
The Additional Services Licence uses the spare spectrum capacity that sits within the frequencies used for the Classic FM broadcast network, and can be used to transmit data UK-wide
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