European Radio Amateurs' Organization: what is this and why?

Mapa de Europa EURAO is intended to be a meeting point for all those independent radio amateurs' associations around the world, mainly from Europe, interested in sharing their activities and experiences, making up common services, working together in new projects and, of course, lobbying Public Administrations.

Also individual members from any country are welcome. In fact, they are for whom this project makes sense.

Federation of associations has been, finally, the legal form of EURAO. During the process, all member associations established a Promoters Committee, whose mission was to take steps to fully legalize the organization. To be part of this Committee, the joining agreement should be signed. More than one association per country is allowed.

As usual, daily operations are managed by an elected Board of Directors in accordance with the Statutes.

To learn more about how to strengthen the relationship with EURAO read: Membership.