CQ EECE 2015: practicing skills is the goal!

RNRE at HAM RADIO 2013 The European Emergency Communications Exercise held on October 3, was the second edition of this kind of exercices, in which participated hams and SWLs from: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, UK, ...

Some of the participants were volunteers in local sections of organizations like Red Cross. Others transmitted from their radio club stations. But most of them were at home.

Propagation allowed only QSOs on 40m band, not on 20m. But despite that, several messages crossed the continent.

Three of the sent messages were entered in the specific website to control the Exercice.

The following is an example of reported messages:

Mensaje CQ EECE 2015 de S50ABR

You can see, in the second part of this form, that the message traveled in the first jump from Slovenia to Spain, near Barcelona, and in the second arrived near Alicante, also in Spain. A trip of more than 1.500 Km.

This message was also listened in Romania and UK.

Thanks to all those participants that sent reports and comments. See you next year!