Radio Amateur Insurance: a new EURAO global service

Radio Amateur activities This month EURAO launches a new global service: the Radio Amateur Insurance.

The purpose of this insurance, with a coverage of 9.000.000 EUR, is to guarantee the pecuniary consequences of the civil liability incumbent on the insured due to consequential bodily, material and immaterial damage caused to third parties as a result of their radio amateur activities, including travel, and events organized by the subscriber, including assembly and disassembly operations.

This means, translated to our activity, a plus of relief when we do radio outside our QTH, either on the beach, in the countryside, in a park or in the mountains, as in the case of field days or SOTA.

Poblenou But also in an urban environment, such as in a square, in a schoolyard or inside a classroom in a workshop with students, or with scouts in their venue or campground.

In addition to covering contingencies, this insurance is useful to obtain authorization to carry out activities in the public space, which is mandatory in some countries.

The coverage of this insurance is worldwide, with some limitations for the USA and Canada.

In order to evaluate the interest in this new service, and thus be able to properly size it, this insurance has been included, experimentally and at no extra cost, in the current EURAO Individual Membership, with only one condition: the method of paying the membership fee must be recurring, i.e., either by a PayPal subscription or by a direct debit. A reward for loyalty.

All those members who have not yet done so, are invited to take a PayPal subscription, as they already do with Netflix (hi hi). Or tell us their bank account number (IBAN/BIC).

Those new interested in can enroll here.