CQ EECE 2014: success, feedback and failures

CQ EECE 2014 The first European Emergency Communications Exercise held on September 27, was attended by hams from: Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, Portugal, Romania, Spain, UK, ... Pretty good for the first time.

Some of them participated only as listeners (SWL), others giving reports and a few sending and receiving messages.

Busy frequencies on 40m band forced QSY. But such is life, sometimes it is necessary to adapt to the circumstances and with skills of experienced operators, QRM is not an obstacle.

On 20m, however, the prescribed frequency 14.300 KHz was more quiet and contacts only depended on propagation.

In the final report we can see that 8 different QTCs were exchanged through 32 QSOs.

The content of messages passed perfectly and unchanged through the chain of stations. Only the color field appears in some cases just translated to the local language.

Only some minor errors were appreciated when entering QSO data on the web.

Thanks to all for your comments and feedback, they will be very useful to improve the next edition.