EECE: European Emergency Communications Exercise for hams

CQ ENCE 2 On September 27, 2014, 9:00-11:00 CEST (07:00-09:00 UTC), the first exercise of this kind at European level will be held.

This was one of the projects discussed by EURAO members at Friedrichshafen, and it will be carried out with the support of associations in several countries.

Some of the EECE challenges are: to establish a human communications network of two levels: one national and another one international, to define operating procedures, to test its reliability, the operators skills and deployment time.

The Exercise is about to exchange messages with some fixed data, using the following template:

On this site you will find instructions of how to fill it:

For those interested in following up this event, HQ stations will be on 40m (7.060 KHz) and 20m (14.300 KHz) SSB. Please, fill the template provided with the messages you receive, with special attention to QSO details.

Planned participating HQ stations are: CS5TRGM, DL0AFC, EA3RKF, EA4RKR, F8URC, ...