EURAO membership card available for its supporters

Now it is easier to become an individual member of the European Radio Amateurs' Organization from anywhere in the world.

For only 10 EUR you can get this card and support the organization and its projects, among which is the EuroBureauQSL.

EURAO Meeting 2011: great success

The first face to face meeting conducted by the European Radio Amateurs' Organization (EURAO) enjoyed an ideal climate for dialogue and received praise from all participants for the wonderful hospitality of Barcelona.

EURAO Meeting 2011 in Barcelona

The European Radio Amateurs' Organization (EURAO) holds its annual meeting next weekend, 28-30 October, in Barcelona (Spain), to be attended by representatives of several associations from different countries of the old continent. New members are welcome.

TRGM - Tertulia Radioamadoristica Guglielmo Marconi

TRGM Tertulia, as it has been known since the 1970s, was born underground (until 1974, only one association of radio amateurs was allowed in Portugal, REP) and is one of the oldest associations of radio amateurs in Portugal.

It is based in Coimbra and the official date of its constitution is 18/11/1976.

Φλάνδροι Ραδιοερασιτέχνες - V.R.A (Βέλγιο)

VRA V.R.A. - Vlaamse Radio Amateur (Φλανδροι Ραδιοερασιτέχνες) Ειναι η ενωση των ραδιοερασιτεχνών της Φλάνδρας, Δηλαδή των Ολλανδόφωνων (φλαμανδόφωνων) βόρειων περιοχών του Βελγίου.

Δωρεάν "QSL Gateway" εξερχόμενη υπηρεσία απο τις ΗΠΑ στην Ευρώπη!

Ως μια πραγματική, εναλλακτική "υπηρεσία εξερχομένων QSL καρτών" για τους Αμερικάνους ραδιοερασιτέχνες,
και θέτοντας πλέον τους Ευρωπαίους ραδιοερασιτέχνες στο ίδιο ύψος τελών με αυτό των εντόπιων αποστολών,
ο EURAO (European Radio Amateurs' Organization) ίδρυσε στις Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες ενα σημείο εισόδου για το δίκτυο QSL Bureau της, αναλαμβάνοντας τo κόστος μεταφορικών ανάμεσα στις δυο ηπείρους για τις κάρτες QSL των μελών της.

Ο Οργανισμός Ευρωπαίων Ραδιοερασιτεχνών δημιουργήθηκε!

Ο EURAO ιδρύθηκε με στόχο την συνένωση όλων των ενώσεων της Γηραιάς Ηπείρου αλλά και ανα όλο τον υπόλοιπο κόσμο, οσων αδυνατούν να γίνουν μέλη της IARU (λόγω του περιορισμου της μίας ένωσης ανα χώρα).

Η θέσπιση της επιτροπής προώθησης, η οποια αρχικά αποτελείται απο τις ενώσεις Union des Radio-Clubs et des Radioamateurs (Γαλλία), Centro Italiano di Sperimentazione ed Attività Radiantistiche (Ιταλία) και Federación Digital EA (Ισπανία) ειναι πλέον γεγονός.

AOxEU: Europe Day On The Air, from Spain

The special callsigns AO1EU, AO2EU, AO3EU, AO4EU, AO5EU, AO6EU, AO7EU, AO8EU and AO9EU will be active 1-20 May 2010 on all bands and modes to commemorate 60th anniversary of Robert Schuman's presentation (on the 9th of May 1950) of his proposal for the creation of what is now known as the European Union. This year also coinciding with the Spanish Presidency-in-turn.


A ANARPROCIV - Associação Nacional de Radiomadores em Proteção Civil, foi constituida em 15 de Fevereiro de 2010, na Associação na Hora do RNPC de Lisboa, sob o nº 175/2010, sendo a primeira associação portuguesa de radiomadores com constituição legal na atividade especifica de radiocomunicações e auxilio em proteção civil.

Union Francophone des Radio Clubs (Belgium)

UFRC U.F.R.C. - Union Francophone des Radio Clubs is an association for Radioamateurs in the French-speaking part (Wallonia) in Belgium.

Συλλογή ανεξάρτητου περιεχόμενου