EURAO General Assembly 2021: more live participation and...

The General Assembly 2021 of EURAO was held the last Saturday of June via internet, with more people participating live and more topics to discuss than ever.

One of the most interesting addressed points was the call for participation in projects such as: its own Emergency Communications coordination, the setup of an European DMR network and a new DXpedition team.

So those interested in the call for Emergency Communications coordination, made by the member association IECRO, please contact Mark: mbannon[at]iecro[dot]com.

For the participation in the European DMR network project, the contact person is the Vice-president Giorgio: iw3ibg[at]eurao[dot]org.

And to be part of the future EURAO DXpedition team, which will be led by the President Petrica, you can contact him: yo9rij[at]eurao[dot]org.

As a consequence of the CB QSL Party , run this summer together with the member association FEDI-EA, it was requested that the configuration of the EuroBureauQSL that includes the QSL service for CB operators remains permanent. No objection was found to this proposal and it was enthusiastically welcomed.

The Assembly was informed about the participation of EURAO in the following CEPT web-meetings during the first half of this 2021: WG FM #96 and SE40 #73.

Special mention deserves the spectacular growth of those enrolled in the Radio Amateur Insurance, which exceeded 237% of the forecast. In addition to individual members paying the fee recurringly, the members of the Board of Directors, as well as the club station callsign of member associations and clubs&groups were also included in the insurance policy. This means that any activity organized by these associations is covered by the insurance. Have fun, but sure!