WRC-23: EURAO was at Dubai venue

EURAO at WRC-23 EURAO's delegation was at the World Radiocommunication Conference 2023 in Dubai this month. An interesting experience and one more step in learning how this organization works and what our role should be as members of ITU-R.

Working groups, committees, plenary sessions, country delegations, acronyms, protocols, hallways, coffee breaks, simultaneous translation devices, side events, etc. A whole world to which EURAO is beginning to have access and which it must know how to manage responsibly.

We also have to plan and reserve a budget for the next editions: WRC-27 and WRC-31, the previous work sessions that may have to take place, involve more internal staff in the debates, establish the necessary strategic alliances, etc. A long way to go.


Appearance of the plenary room during a work meeting: the chair and the agenda.