The European Radio Amateurs' Organization is born!

EURAO is founded with the vocation of grouping all those associations in the old continent, and even around the world, which can not belong to IARU (because its own limitation of only one association per country). The establishment of a Promoters Committee, initially constituted by the associations Union des Radio-Clubs et des Radioamateurs (France), Centro Italiano di Sperimentazione ed Attività Radiantistiche (Italy) and Federación Digital EA (Spain), is now a fact.

On Sunday before Easter (2009-04-05), in the meeting celebrated between the presidents of the associations mentioned above, an agreement of constitution of the Promoters Committee was signed. The work of this committee should lead to the drafting of statutes that, once approved, shall govern the operation of this new organization.

Other associations from Germany, Belgium and Portugal have also shown interest towards this project, which will be added soon.

The original idea, proposed by F5RCS in 2005, is simple and clear: to provide an opportunity to unite efforts of all those radio amateurs' associations that IARU do not support, due to its rigid structure that prevents admiting more than one association per country and in practice has become a true monopoly, more concerned with their own income than promoting the interests of Amateur Radio.

The situation in most countries is similar: the number of radio amateurs outside IARU members is increasing.

In Europe, the average is 60% of hams who do not belong to the association member of their country. But if we go into detail, we found 64% in Spain, 65% in Italy, 61% in France, 87% in Portugal, 65% in the United Kingdom and 45% in Germany, to name just some examples.

With these data, it is no wonder the feasibility of this project, which is not designed to go against anyone, but with the only concerns of those seeking another organizational model, more modern and democratic.

Willing to be international, EURAO is initially created in the European environment to take advantage of facilities and synergies of this common space.

To learn more about the associations that promote this initiative, you can visit their web:

  • EURAO: European Radio Amateurs' Organization
  • URC: Union des Radio-Clubs et des Radioamateurs (France)
  • CISAR: Centro Italiano di Sperimentazione ed Attività Radiantistiche (Italy)
  • FEDI-EA: Federación Digital EA (Spain)
  • VRA: Vlaamse Radio Amateurs (Belgium)
  • UFRC: Union Francophone des Radio Clubs (Belgium)
  • HAG: Ham Association of Greece (Greece)
  • FEDERACHI: Federación de Clubes de Radioaficionados de Chile (Chile)