EuroBureauQSL for EURAO members: how does it work?

EuroBureauQSL The EURAO individual membership fee includes the FREE exchange of QSLs between members worldwide. All you have to do is send all cards together to our 'central redistribution point' at EA3RKF. Then, you will receive the reply QSLs at home with our quarterly paper Newsletter. Quite easy, isn't it? Read more...

So, the questions are: Who is member of EURAO? Who is ready to receive QSLs via EuroBureauQSL? Where to send them? What else should I do?

An automatic tool is provided on the website to find out which callsigns want to receive their cards in this way. After login, go to "Check log" option and upload your log file in ADIF format. You will get the list of valid QSOs ready to fill QSL cards that could go via EuroBureauQSL. More than 17.000 callsigns from 73 different countries are waiting for you in our database!

Later on, put the cards in an envelope and send them all to:

P.O. Box 3050
08200 Sabadell (SPAIN)

No need of SAE, IRC, GS, etc. Only QSLs. True ham spirit.

Those members of EURAO member associations can also do the same but sending QSLs to their respective national point.

Some help will be appreciated if you do a couple of things for us:

  • stick on every QSL an small label with barcode (printing available on website)
  • enter some QSO details on the web (callsign and barcode number).

Thanks in advance and enjoy the service! Not yet a member? No problem, join us now!