EuroBureauQSL: operating conditions for entry points

EuroBureauQSL The European Radio Amateurs' Organisation (EURAO), and its members, concerned about the growing problem of QSL cards not delivered to the addressees by some IARU member-societies, launched in 2010 their own QSL Bureaus Network with the strong commitment to make available, whenever possible, to all radio amateurs their QSLs at no extra cost other than shipping and handling, without any kind of restriction.

To do so, EURAO started coordinating the bureaus its members already run but also opened the possibility to new ones, managed by associations or individuals, with only a few conditions:

  • To optimize the Network performance is highly recommended to establish only ONE 'entry point' by country in order to simplify international distribution of QSLs. In this context, country means the geografic area having the same postage rate. In some cases, several different political countries could share one of these postage areas (i.e.: Andorra and Spain; Vatican City, San Marino and Italy; Monaco and France; etc.).
  • Any radio amateur, member or not, MUST be allowed to retrieve the QSL cards that reach the entry point (incoming traffic). SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) should be an accepted method.
  • Inside a country, different associations, radio clubs and users are encouraged to coordinate among them for a better service performance.
  • Of course associations and radio clubs can organize internally in their own way, offering extra facilities to their members.
  • When sending QSLs abroad (outgoing traffic), other EuroBureauQSL entry points should have priority over other alternatives.
  • To help managing QSLs, a website ( is created. It is highly recommended to use the advanced features of this web in order to provide the same quality service everywhere.

The undersigned hereby expresses the interest, and commitment, to contribute to this project by managing the EuroBureauQSL entry point in the specified country, according to the operating conditions outlined above PDF.

Name and surname: __________________________________________________
Callsign: _______________
Position: ____________________________
Association: ________________________________________________________
Country: ___________________________

At _________________________, on the ______th of ________________, _______

(Fill, sign and send this application to: The reply will come very soon.)