EURAO Parties: one year meeting hams and enjoying radio

balloons After more than a year of parties on the air, one in each season, EURAO looks back and sees five editions of this kind of activities:

  • Autumn 2013: make new friends with classical phone
  • Winter 2014: promoting HF Digital Voice
  • Spring 2014: CW still alive and kicking
  • Summer 2014: give youth a chance
  • Autumn 2014: be digital, explore 30m

Recently, we found some time to prepare a pretty simple website that shows statistics of past EURAO Parties, mainly because we felt the pressure of received logs (hi hi).

In the very last party, that on 30m band we organized together with the 30 Meter Digital Group , 21 operators, from 12 countries in 2 continents, sent their logs, which contained 661 QSOs with 389 different stations.

The used modes were: CW, DOMINO, HELL, JT65, JT65A, JT9, MFSK16, PSK, PSK125, PSK31, PSK63, QPSK125, QPSK31, QPSK63, ROS, RTTY and SIM31.

Logs are still welcome for any past party. It doesn't matter if it is quite old. The info they give is worthy of note. Also comments, feedback and ideas for new parties are helpful.

Parties are a good way to promote some aspects of our hobby, either new modes or bands rarely used, or also contacts with specific groups, such as youth, YLs, clubs, etc.

In short, a way to spread the true ham spirit. So participate and enjoy!