WRC-19: better than expected for Amateur Radio

WRC-19 Certainly, EURAO did not attend the World Radiocommunication Conference 2019. Maybe it is too early since it became ITU sector member few months ago. However, it is clear that its irruption on the scene has caused, in the incumbent, the need to give more information and explanations. Or is it just advertising?

Proof of this is the weekly reports issued from the venue, which did not happen for the previous WRC-15. Just check the Google search engine. But, anyway, transparency is always welcome!

Modestly, we are proud of our contribution at European level through the CEPT, where the 2m threat was stopped and the 6m extend promoted.

Most European countries stay as they were: 50-52 MHz on a secondary basis, but now it is official.

We congratulate especially: Austria, Cyprus, the Vatican, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Slovakia and Slovenia, where the frequency band 50.0-50.5 MHz is allocated to the amateur service on a primary basis.