EURAO at HAM RADIO 2013: lots of visitors and work done

Besides greeting members, friends and supporters, this year EURAO held its General Assembly and biannual Meeting during the fair.

The first Statutes were approved and the Board of Directors elected again: President ON7GZ, Vicepresident DG9KBE, Secretary-General EA3CIW and Treasurer EA3CWZ.

It has been time for listening questions, comments and suggestions. New ideas and future projects often start in this way. Also international public relations are cultivated out of the fair, sharing concepts and wishes.

EURAO Newsletter Giugno 2013

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'EURAO land' at HAM RADIO 2013: come to visit us !!!

There will be three contiguous booths, EURAO itself and its members AFCD and CISAR, delighted to welcome you at Friedrichshafen, 28-30 June, hall/stand no.: A1-563.

Also other member associations will be represented inside the first one: FEDI-EA and VRA.

Time to talk with members and friends about amateur radio and the future of the Organization, imagining new global projects, listening proposals, attending all visitors, etc.

You know we haven't all answers, but for sure we'll listen all your questions and try to do our best to serve members.

EU QRP Foxhunt: having fun around Europe

Ready for the next hunting season 2013-2014? Here you are the rules for foxes, hunters and trappers, the new category for SWLs in this fifth edition.

The season will start November 3, 2013 and will end on March 24, 2014. But this summer there is an aperitif: June 9 - August 30.

This is an idea of Jos, ON6WJ, and Johan, ON5EX, to promote QRP activity on the bands. Let's collaborate with them.

EUDOTA 2013: Europe Day On The Air

One more year, on 9 May, we commemorate the creation of the EU and also the European Radio Amateurs' Organization (EURAO) with some special activities.

Our member in Spain, Federación Digital EA, will be on air with these special callsigns: AO1EU, AO2EU, AO3EU, AO4EU, AO5EU, AO6EU, AO7EU, AO8EU and AO9EU. QSL card and pdf Award will be available.

The contact is also valid for the Radio Clubs of the World Award, EANET.

CQ ENCE 2013: Nightly Emergency Communications Exercise in Spain

This fourth edition of the Emergency Communications National Exercise (ENCE in Spanish) changes the schedule, but not its purpose: to bring an opportunity to all those radio amateurs interested in practicing several useful operational skills.

The Exercise will be held next Saturday April 27, 20:00-21:00 UTC, open to international participation. In this occasion with special emphasis on 80m, specifically 3.760 KHz.


For the 3rd time in the world, "THE DAY OF YLs" 18 and 19 May 2013.

This weekend is intended to gather on the air all amateur radio women around the world and of course all OM are invited to participate.

EURAO Newsletter Febbraio 2013

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EuroBureauQSL: condizioni di funzionamento per i punti di ingresso

EuroBureauQSL L'Organizzazione Europea dei Radioamatori (EURAO), e i suoi membri, preoccupati per il crescente problema delle QSL non consegnate ai destinatari da alcuni società membri della IARU, hanno lanciato nel 2010 la propria Rete di Servizi QSL con il forte impegno di mettere a disposizione, quando possibile, a tutti i radioamatori loro QSL senza costi aggiuntivi diversi da quelli di spedizione e trasporto e senza alcun tipo di restrizione.

Per fare ciò, EURAO ha iniziato coordinando gli uffici dei suoi membri già acquisiti, ma anche aperto la possibilità di nuovi, gestiti da associazioni o privati, con solo alcune condizioni:

EuroBureauQSL for EURAO members: how does it work?

EuroBureauQSL The EURAO individual membership fee includes the FREE exchange of QSLs between members worldwide. All you have to do is send all cards together to our 'central redistribution point' at EA3RKF. Then, you will receive the reply QSLs at home with our quarterly paper Newsletter. Quite easy, isn't it? Read more...

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