EURAO Newsletter Febbraio 2014

In questo numero troverete:

  • Il lancio di 'Club e Gruppi'
  • AO3MWC: Mobile World Congress 2014
  • Concurso F9AA 2014
  • CQ ENCE 2014: Esercizio di Emergenza in banda di 60m

EURAO Party - Inverno 2014: promuovere la Voce Digitale in HF

L'Organizzazione Europea dei Radioamatori annuncia una nuova festa radio, questa volta con il motto: "sperimentare con la voce digitale". Ricordate che questo non è un concorso, è solo un incontro radio con alcune semplici 'regole', che suonano meglio come raccomandazioni.

EURAO Newsletter Dicembre 2013

In questo numero troverete:

  • 2013, un anno decisivo per il consolidamento di EURAO
  • URC Assemblea Generale e Congresso 2013
  • QSL EA0JC via EuroBureauQSL

EURAO Party - Autunno 2013: fare nuove amicizie con la fonia classica

L'Organizzazione Europea dei Radioamatori è lieta di annunciare la sua prima festa radio dal motto: "fare nuove amicizie con la fonia classica". Questo non è un concorso, è solo un incontro radio con alcune semplici 'regole', che suonano meglio come raccomandazioni.

EURAO Newsletter Settembre 2013

In questo numero troverete:

  • EURAO a HAM RADIO 2013: un sacco di visitatori e lavoro fatto
  • Sondaggio EURAO 2013: Abbiamo un sogno...
  • EANET Sprint Contest 2013

EURAO poll 2013: We have a dream...

EURAO Membership kinds This summer, the European Radio Amateurs' Organization asked its members and supporters to imagine the future and share with us.

The future of the Organization but also the future of Amateur Radio.

The tool used was a poll and the results are the following.

EURAO Award: rewarding Hams and SWLs around the world

How many countries have you already contacted or listened? How many of them in Europe? To get this Award is as easy as answering these two questions.

For the basic version of EURAO Award only 10 countries are required, 7 of them European ones. For the bronze, silver or gold version; you will need 25, 50 or 75 countries.

QSL cards received via EuroBureauQSL will be considered automatically sufficient evidence of confirmation, otherwise, you should use one of our check points. Also eQSL is accepted.

AMxCB: 30 years of CB in Spain

On August 2, 3 and 4, 2013, the following Special Event Stations will be on air: AM1CB, AM2CB, AM3CB, AM4CB, AM5CB, AM6CB, AM7CB, AM8CB and AM9CB.

It will coincide with the 30th anniversary of the first Citizen Band regulations in Spain.

A special QSL card and Award will be available.

The activity is sponsored by: Liga Española de Asociaciones C.B. y Radioaficionados, Federació Catalana de C.B. 27 MHz and Federación Digital EA.

Board 2013-2015

In the last General Assembly (2013-06-29) a Board of Directors was elected for a new period of two years: President ON7GZ, Vicepresident DG9KBE, Secretary-General EA3CIW and Treasurer EA3CWZ.

Good luck in your job, guys.

And the winner was...

DF7TT, Jürgen, won a free individual membership for a year in the tombola we carried out at HAM RADIO 2013.

The innocent hand was from Gabriele, an Italian boy who was playing with a paper airplane there.

Other participants don't be sad, you can also become individual members for just 10 €.

And, if you are the first in your country, the second year will be for free. 2x1 technique.

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