Romanian QRP Party

Sponsored by: EURAO and Romanian Radioclub Association (A.R.R.)
Participants: Any licensed amateur station.
Dates: Start 00.01 till 23.59 UTC Saturday 6 Feb 2016.
Bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters, according IARU Region 1 band plan.

1. Single Operator, All Band, SSB (SOABSSB)
2. Single Operator, All Band CW (SOABCW)
3. Single Operator Single Band MIXT (SOABMIXT)
4. Multioperator, one TX, Allband MIXT (MOSTXABMIXT).

a. Maximun power 10W
b. The use of clusters is permitted in all categories. Self spotting, undercover spots or any spots from multioperator’s team members, this being disqualifying.
c. In the Single Operator categories, only one transmitted signal on the air is permitted at any time.
d. In the Multi operator categories, only one transmitted signal per band at any one time is permitted. All transmitters, receivers, and antennas must be within a radius of 500m.
e. Only one callsign is allowed to be used for the duration of the contest.
f. YO station will have a separat clasification.

Valid Contacts: Contacts may be made with any station anywhere in the world.
Stations may be contacted only once per band and mode. Logs with unique/single QSO will be valid for points or for multiplier credit.
Exchange:  RS (T) + CQ ZONE Example: 59920 - for YO station
599CQ ZONE for others station

QSOs between stations in the same country, (1) point.
QSOs between stations on the same continent, two (2) points.
QSOs with DX stations, (3) points.

- Each special station YP160QRP, YP80QRP, YP40QRP, YP20QRP, YP15QRP, YP10QRP active during the contest on each band.

Final score: The sum of the points obtained, multiplied by the sum of all the multipliers obtained on all bands.

Prizes YO
- The Trophy „ROMANIAN CQ QRP PARTY” for the best score over all categories
- Paper Certificates for all stations who make a mínimum of 50 valid QSOs in monoband or 100 valid QSOs in multiband.

Prizes DX 
- The Trophy „ROMANIAN QRP PARTY” for each category for the best score.
- Paper Certificate to Each entity winners.
- * To qualify for a Trophy and paper Certificate.

Logs: All logs must be submitted electronically in Cabrillo format at
The Subject of your email should read “ the callsign”.
The attached file should be called XXXXX.log (substitute XXXXX for the callsign you used), which is how your logging program will generate it.

Closing Date: Logs must be received no longer after 15 days. Any logs received after that date will not be in ranked. The final results will be published in 20 days after contest date.
The decision of the organizers are finally.
Your comments are welcomed.

Notes: We are encourage all the participants to use special callsings as YO station will be on the air during the contest: YP160QRP, YP80QRP, YP40QRP, YP20QRP, YP15QRP, YP10QRP