EURAO individual members by country in 2021

EURAO individual members by country 2021 Once the 2021 financial year has been closed and the draft financial report prepared, today we want to highlight an interesting aspect of that report: from which countries do the individual members of EURAO come?

Germany leads the ranking with 18,2%, followed by Spain with 15,1% and the United Kingdom with 13,8%. At a certain distance they are followed by Portugal (8,2%), Belgium (7,5%), Italy (7,5%), Netherlands (6,3%) and France (5,7%). Finally we can find Greece (3,8%), USA (2,5%), Ireland (1,9%) and Romania (1,3%). Within the remaining 8,2% we can find radio amateurs from countries as far away as Australia or from nearby, European ones, such as Austria, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Slovakia, etc.

Individual membership is very important for EURAO, not only because it represents almost half of the income, but also because it is a very good way to make itself known in some countries. Thanks a lot OMs and YLs and welcome!

EURAO individual members by country 2021