EURAO General Assembly 2020: held online

With a participation, in one way or another, of 80%, the General Assembly 2020 of EURAO was held last Saturday, June 27, via internet.

Of course, it is not the same as face-to-face meetings, but, as long as we have COVID-19 around, virtual meetings are the best solution with the least risk. Our radio-gastronomy section will have to wait a little while... hi hi.

The other side of the coin is participation. With no long trips to take, more members can participate "live" and from more countries, even from the most distant ones.

This first online Assembly went quite well although there were some minor technical problems due to inexperience, but they will surely be easily solved in future meetings.

On the Assembly itself, all the items on the agenda were approved without a hitch and we already have two new member associations officially admitted: IECRO and NRSI.

One of the most widely discussed topics was the new Radio Amateur Insurance, of which all kinds of details were given. This is a service that we highly recommend to all those who practice our hobby away from home.