EURAO at Bordeaux CEPT meeting

Bordeaux At the WGFM#86 meeting of CEPT/ECC, held on 17-21 October, 2016, in Bordeaux, France, EURAO was working on adapting and improving the ERC Report 32, about amateur radio novice licence, examination syllabus and certificate.

This report is intended to be a guideline for those national administrations with the aim to implement an amateur radio novice licence in their own country and compatible with others.

The goal of EURAO was to smooth the updating of this report, to make things easier for beginners, which was only partially achieved. Anyway, the contribution of EURAO has been noted in the final result.

Another issue, very highlighted by media, was the progressive replacement of the term 'IARU' with 'international organisations representing amateur radio service licensees' in different CEPT Recommendations, something caused by the appearance on the scene of EURAO a year ago, when a LoU was signed.

This is the recognition of plurality and the willingness not to exclude anyone from being represented in the CEPT forum. Let's go for others...

These are the official minutes of WGFM#86 concerning radio amateur issues: