HAM RADIO 2014: new appointment with European hams

27-29 June, at Friedrichshafen exhibition hall/stand no.: A1-563, you will find EURAO and some of its members: AFCD, CISAR, FEDI-EA, URC and VRA, ready to exchange points of view.

Do not hesitate to visit our booth if you come to Germany these days, we will be happy to give you a warm welcome and any orientation you need.

Also a check point for EURAO Awards will be available.

The countdown has already begun. Within few weeks the event started and preparations are well under way.

One of the objectives of the European Radio Amateurs' Organization (EURAO) is to foster the ham spirit and strengthen the feeling of belonging to a global community of people with shared interests beyond artificial barriers, as the waves do not know about borders.

Under these circumstances, the HAM RADIO fair remains the ideal meeting point not only for its geographical location but by the time of year and the atmosphere that exudes.

Taking this opportunity, EURAO hold its Assembly there.