2020, the best year ever for EURAO. Thanks everybody!

EURAO income/expenses 2020

One month before the end of the year, EURAO's annual financial results promise to be the best to date: income item beats previous records and expenses are half of last period.

From the spending point of view, due to the pandemic, EURAO did not attend the HAM RADIO exhibition (it was canceled), nor did it travel to face-to-face meetings of inter­national bodies (CEPT, ITU, ...), although it is participating, more than ever, in their meetings, via videoconference.

On the other hand, individual membership income has skyrocketed, in part due to the offer of a new service: the Radio Amateur Insurance, with great success.

The association membership remains stable while the clubs&groups membership is also slightly up from the previous year. All together are a very great team!

EURAO income/expenses 2020