IARU refuses to meet EURAO in Friedrichshafen

Recently, some radio amateurs asked EURAO about the paragraph below included in the minutes of the last IARU Region 1 EC Meeting, held on May 5-7, 2017, in Landshut:

G3BJ gave a verbal report on EURAO and the lack of progress since the 2016 EC Meeting. He had invited EURAO to a meeting some months ago to explore each other’s strategies and seek common ground. Sadly, EURAO had not yet responded.

But that is not the whole history. Of course EURAO responded, but probably not as G3BJ expected.

Before spending a lot of money on a full weekend in a face to face meeting abroad, the proposal of G3BJ, the EURAO Board considered cheaper and preferable other possibilities through new technologies.

However, EURAO proposed to meet during HAM RADIO exhibition in Friedrichshafen, where its entire Board will be present. But IARU refused alleging full schedule.

So, dear readers, the meeting will have to wait, but we will keep you updated.

Philippe Mangelinckx, ON4PM
President of EURAO