Vlaamse Radio Amateurs (Belgium), ON4VRA

VRA V.R.A. - Vlaamse Radio Amateurs (Flanders Radio Amateurs) is an association for RadioAmateurs in Flanders, the Dutch (= Flemish) speaking part of Belgium.

We are (of course) not recognised by the IARU and the Belgian representative (UBA) who makes every effort to discriminate our actions and services as they think we are a real threat to their monopoly of QSL-post (and they are right !). They also refuse any cooperation.

On the other hand we have an excellent relationship with our friends of U.F.R.C., representing the French-speaking part of Belgium, who suffer the same problem with UBA.

Together, V.R.A. and UFRC, we organize our own QSL-service by our mutuel QSL-address, which is:
F.R.A. - Jean Marie T'Jaeckx, ON7EN - Perrebroekstraat 16 - 9200 Dendermonde (BELGIUM)

F.R.A. stands for "Federation of Radio amateur Associations".

For more information visit: http://www.vra.be/