Radio Science 2.0: ham radio activities for kids in Romania

Radio Science 2.0 An small team of EURAO members from Romania, with the financial support of a local foundation in Buzau City: Fondul Stiintescu , started in April a program dedicated to the children and young people in order to experience applied science with the help of amateur radio.

The project aims to create an educational space and apply in practice the phenomena that accompany the interaction between people using radio waves.

The final selection of the projects was made by a dedicated jury, made up of specialists in fields related to the Fund's themes, together with a member of the Board of Directors of the Buzau Community Foundation.

The program, which began in April, is scheduled to last until November 2022, when we will be able to offer a more exhaustive report of the activities carried out. So far, during the summer holidays, more than 5.000 children have attended demonstrations of what amateur radio means.

Radio Science 2.0: video with subtitles in English The program Radio Science 2.0 assumes an educational role to help kids to understand a lot of things regarding to the life and how we can use the ham radio to keep away the virtual life of them. The initiative was welcomed by the parents too and we record a lot of requests to make the meetings as often we can.

The team of Radio Science 2.0 started to make basic activities to bring up kids interests to the practical things direction, ease to do for them and full of knowledge and science. In this manner we started to teach them the phonetic alphabet, about how is working an antenna and how we can simulate it, how we can find directions on the ground to toward our antennas, what a transceiver is and other elementary things from ham radio biology and emergency situation domains. We continued to teach them about how to solder and during the meetings they made their first FM radio. We did a lot of electricity experiments and had lots of fun and a lot of knowledge we finally gatheried!

Anyway, we discovered the kids are attracted by the ham radio just if we can proof the necessity of it and for this new situation two hours became three or four hours of workshops every weekend. Actually, the kids didn't want to go home after the educational time was spent. We did a lot of work for the wonderful kids.

Our scope to show them what means ham radio for more than 5.000 kids during the summer vacation was easy touch and now we have invitation to continue the activities as long as we want and can. As the result of our activities we received an invitation to participate in the summer school, for three months long, organized by Cultural and Educational Center Alexandru Marghiloman in each Thursday of the week.

We recorded a lot of testimonials and also an interesting conclusion: how we can improve the ham radio with the new generation!

The results you will see in a dedicated article after the program is finished on November 2022.

Doesn't exist a hard lesson, just a no dedicated teacher!

YO9RIJ Petrica
EURAO President