Ham Association of Greece

HAG A new association, of a new EU country, in this case Ham Association of Greece (HAG), joins European Radio Amateurs' Organization, so it has 6 members.

TRGM - Tertulia Radioamadoristica Guglielmo Marconi

TRGM Tertulia, as it has been known since the 1970s, was born underground (until 1974, only one association of radio amateurs was allowed in Portugal, REP) and is one of the oldest associations of radio amateurs in Portugal.

It is based in Coimbra and the official date of its constitution is 18/11/1976.

AOxEU: Europadag "On The Air", vanuit Spanje

De speciale roepnummers AO1EU, AO2EU, AO3EU, AO4EU, AO5EU, AO6EU, AO7EU, AO8EU en AO9EU zullen actief zijn van 1 tot 20 mei 2010 op alle banden en in alle modes. Dit als herdenking aan de 60e verjaardag van de voorstelling van Robert Schuman (9 mei 1950) van zijn ontwerp voor het creëren van wat nu gekend is als de Europese Unie. Dit jaar ook toevallig tijdens het voorzitterschap van Spanje in het eerste halfjaar.


A ANARPROCIV - Associação Nacional de Radiomadores em Proteção Civil, foi constituida em 15 de Fevereiro de 2010, na Associação na Hora do RNPC de Lisboa, sob o nº 175/2010, sendo a primeira associação portuguesa de radiomadores com constituição legal na atividade especifica de radiocomunicações e auxilio em proteção civil.

Union Francophone des Radio Clubs (België)

UFRC U.F.R.C. - Union Francophone des Radio Clubs is een vereniging van en voor de radio-amateurs in het franssprekende deel van België.

Vlaamse Radio Amateurs (België)

VRA V.R.A. - Vlaamse Radio Amateurs (Flanders Radio Amateurs) is een vereniging van en voor radio-amateurs in Vlaanderen, het Nederlands (= Vlaams) sprekende deel van België.

The European Radio Amateurs' Organization is born!

EURAO is founded with the vocation of grouping all those associations in the old continent, and even around the world, which can not belong to IARU (because its own limitation of only one association per country). The establishment of a Promoters Committee, initially constituted by the associations Union des Radio-Clubs et des Radioamateurs (France), Centro Italiano di Sperimentazione ed Attività Radiantistiche (Italy) and Federación Digital EA (Spain), is now a fact.

Centro Italiano Sperimentazione ed Attività Radiantistiche

CISAR Il CISAR é una associazione di appassionati radioamatori protesi verso le nuove attività, le nuove frontiere e sperimentazioni del mondo della radio, fondata nel 1981 con lo scopo principale di riunire tutti gli amanti della attività VHF e superiori ed in particolare per i sistemi automatici, ha raggiunto nel giro di pochi anni risultati strepitosi sia nella tecnica che nella difesa dei diritti di tutti i radioamatori, contribuendo sempre in maniera determinante alla normativa nel settore.

Ràdio Club Barcelona

Ràdio Club Barcelona, founded in 1979, is the oldest hamradio association in this city. Since the begining it has characterized for its innovative and teaching spirit.

Radio Clubs Union (France)

URC The URC (Union of the Radioclubs) was grounded in 1968 by a group of OM who disagreed with the politics held by the REF at this time. Since then, its goal has remained unchanged: work with the administration and the other associations for the safeguard of the radioamateur status, pinpoint the drifts of the REF, inform and always remain open to dialog.

Inhoud syndiceren