La Journée des YLs 2013

Pour la 3ème fois dans le monde, "La Journée des YLs" aura lieu le 18 et 19 mai 2013.

Ce week-end est destiné à rassembler sur l'air toutes les femmes radioamateurs du monde entier et bien sûr tous les OMs sont invités à participer.

EURAO Newsletter Février 2013

Dans ce numéro, vous trouverez:

  • Planification des Activités 2013 et Expansion Internationale...
  • Dayton Hamvention 2013 accueille des membres EURAO !!!
  • HAM RADIO 2013: allons à Friedrichshafen...

EuroBureauQSL: operating conditions for entry points

EuroBureauQSL The European Radio Amateurs' Organisation (EURAO), and its members, concerned about the growing problem of QSL cards not delivered to the addressees by some IARU member-societies, launched in 2010 their own QSL Bureaus Network with the strong commitment to make available, whenever possible, to all radio amateurs their QSLs at no extra cost other than shipping and handling, without any kind of restriction.

To do so, EURAO started coordinating the bureaus its members already run but also opened the possibility to new ones, managed by associations or individuals, with only a few conditions:

EuroBureauQSL for EURAO members: how does it work?

EuroBureauQSL The EURAO individual membership fee includes the FREE exchange of QSLs between members worldwide. All you have to do is send all cards together to our 'central redistribution point' at EA3RKF. Then, you will receive the reply QSLs at home with our quarterly paper Newsletter. Quite easy, isn't it? Read more...

EURAO Newsletter Décembre 2012

Dans ce numéro, vous trouverez:

  • Meilleurs voeux du Président
  • Rapport de gestion et bilan 2005-2012
  • EURAO en Europe. Ayant grandi!
  • 200 anniversaire de Hendrik Conscience
  • Service QSL International

Federación de Clubes de Radioaficionados de Chile, CE3FED

FEDERACHI FEDERACHI, founded in 1969, is a federation that includes 27 radio clubs along this slim South American country and now it just decided to join EURAO to reinforce its international projection.

It runs several services: Sunday radiated bulletin, SWL newsletter, DX info, Online Callsign Directory, ... And a lot of activities: Chilean Lighthouses Award, Emergency Communications Exercises, ...

Be the first EURAO member of your country and...

... get an extra year membership for FREE!

Just click on the map to see if your country is still dark blue (no members yet, only fans).

Then, for only 10 EUR, you can become individual member of EURAO and get all these advantages for two years.

Go ahead!

EURAO in the world...

Also outside Europe EURAO has members.

Click on the map to see if your country is still dark blue (no members yet, only fans) and get an extra year membership for FREE if you are the first in your country.

Help us to "paint" the map and, for only 10 EUR, become individual member of EURAO and get all these advantages for two years.

PLT affaire and EC reply

This summer some news spread media about an important threat to amateur radio activity: PLT.

EURAO, first of all, wanted to know what is the current situation and sent a letter asking about this matter to the European Commission.

And this is the reply...

EURAO, où es-tu?

Afin de mieux visualiser où, en Europe et dans le monde, EURAO dispose actuellement de présence, deux cartes dynamiques ont été créés (cliquez pour agrandir).

Les pays en bleu signifie qu'il ya seulement des fans, en bleu clair qu'il ya aussi des membres individuels et en rouge que existent des associations membres.

Votre pays n'est pas sur la carte? Voulez-vous l'ajouter? Devient membre d'EURAO. C'est ce que vous l'obtenez.

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