EuroBureauQSL for EURAO members: how does it work?

EuroBureauQSL The EURAO individual membership fee includes the FREE exchange of QSLs between members worldwide. All you have to do is send all cards together to our 'central redistribution point' at EA3RKF. Then, you will receive the reply QSLs at home with our quarterly paper Newsletter. Quite easy, isn't it? Read more...

EURAO Newsletter December 2012

In this issue you will find:

  • Season's Greetings from the President
  • Management report and balance 2005-2012
  • EURAO in Europe. Growing up!
  • 200 anniversary of Hendrik Conscience
  • International QSL Service

Federación de Clubes de Radioaficionados de Chile, CE3FED

FEDERACHI FEDERACHI, fundada al 1969, és una federació que incorpora 27 ràdio clubs d'aquest país sudamericà i ara ha decidit unir-se a EURAO per reforçar la seva projecció internacional.

Ofereix diversos serveis: butlletí radiat dominical, butlletí de radioescoltes, informació DX, Guía en Línia d'indicatius, ... I una pila d'activitats: Diploma dels Fars Xilens, Exercicis de Comunicacions d'Emergència, ...

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PLT affaire and EC reply

This summer some news spread media about an important threat to amateur radio activity: PLT.

EURAO, first of all, wanted to know what is the current situation and sent a letter asking about this matter to the European Commission.

And this is the reply...

EURAO, on ets?

Per visualitzar millor on, dins d'Europa i el món, EURAO té socis actualment, s'han creat aquests mapes dinàmics (fes-hi clic per engrandir).

Els països en blau significa que hi té fans, en blau clar que també hi té socis individuals y en vermell que hi ha associacions membre.

Vols afegir el teu propi país al mapa? Fes-te soci d'EURAO. Això és el que obtindràs a canvi.

EURAO Newsletter: here we go!

The world spins so fast that sometimes can be quite difficult to find some time to read, in retrospect, the news or information of a particular entity or period.

For this reason, EURAO decided to collect, on a quarterly basis, the main headlines generated by itself and its members in a single sheet.

Enjoy it and feel free to spread the word, either in pdf format or as a weblink:


Official presentation of European Radio Amateurs' Organization in HAM RADIO show this year was a great success.

A lot of visitors were very interested in our project: grouping alternative radio amateur associations and individuals from all over Europe, and beyond, with no limits, and willing to work together.

Thanks to all those that give us their support in some way. You are invited to know us a little bit better...

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