TRGM - Tertulia Radioamadoristica Guglielmo Marconi

TRGM Tertulia, as it has been known since the 1970s, was born underground (until 1974, only one association of radio amateurs was allowed in Portugal, REP) and is one of the oldest associations of radio amateurs in Portugal.

It is based in Coimbra and the official date of its constitution is 18/11/1976.

It is characterized as a "group of friends" whose main objective is to promote humanitarian actions, to help Hams who need it, to collaborate in the prevention and to combat of accidents and to promote the rapprochement between Hams of the different quarters.

It is one of the promoting associations of the European Radio Amateurs' Organization and entry point of EuroBureauQSL in Portugal, assuming the "free" distribution of QSLs in CT+CU.

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