HAM RADIO 2016: very great vibes!!!

This year EURAO had a larger booth at the German fair in Friedrichshafen, where several associations from different countries shared space. In this way very positive synergies for all participants and frank climate of multinational collaboration was generated.

Multiple events and meetings took place in this unique setting of friendship, such as EURAO Assembly, YO SOTA Marathon Conference, ...

UNGO Ukrainian Amateur Radio League

UNGO UARL UNGO UARL is a new radio amateur association in Ukraine, founded in 2016 by 13 regional clubs (near 1500 members from the whole country), which objective is to preserve the true ham spirit and the free exchange of QSL cards.

EURAO Newsletter Juny 2016

En aquest número trobaràs:

  • EURAO a la reunió de la CEPT de Helsinki
  • HAM RADIO 2016: tots junts, primer intent
  • TM160NT: 160º aniversari de Nikola Tesla

EURAO at Helsinki CEPT meeting

Helsinki As you remember, last year EURAO signed a LoU with CEPT/ECC in order to cooperate in all Amateur Radio issues. This year, EURAO has been kindly invited to participate in the 85th meeting of its Working Group Frequency Management (WG FM), held on 23-27 May, 2016, in Helsinki, Finland.

In this meeting, EURAO had the great opportunity to present itself to all other event attendees, national administrations and observers, like Wi-Fi Alliance, EBU (Eurovision) or NATO, just to name a few.

EURAO Party - Spring 2016: whispering the bands

The European Radio Amateurs' Organization announces a new party on the air, this time with the motto: "whispering the bands". Remember this is not a contest, it is just a radio meeting with a few simple 'rules', better to call them recommendations.

Raggruppamento Nazionale Radiocomunicazioni di Emergenza, IQ1HR

RNRE RNRE, IQ1HR, is an Italian association founded in 2009, devoted to Emergency Communications and made up of volunteers, most of them radio amateurs.

That is the reason RNRE has become member association of EURAO.

Radioamador Clube de Loulé, CS0RCL

RCL RCL, CS0RCL, is a Portuguese ham association founded in 1984 and declared of public utility since 1994. It manages several V-UHF repeaters and beacons. Also very active in HF, DX, contests and awards.

Recently RCL has become member association of EURAO.

More info at: http://cs0rcl.blogspot.com

EURAO Newsletter Febrer 2016

En aquest número trobaràs:

  • Al principi va ser el... RTTY
  • AO3MWC: Mobile World Congress 2016
  • Kits per a principiants
  • OT0MIN: Mina de carbó Blégny per al MAOTA

EURAO Party - Hivern 2016: fem RTTY

L'Organització Europea de Radioaficionats anuncia una nova festa a l'aire, aquesta vegada amb el lema: "fem RTTY". Això no és un concurs, és només una trobada per ràdio amb unes poques 'regles' molt simples, quasi millor dir-els-hi recomanacions.

Romanian QRP Party

Sponsored by: EURAO and Romanian Radioclub Association (A.R.R.)
Participants: Any licensed amateur station.
Dates: Start 00.01 till 23.59 UTC Saturday 6 Feb 2016.
Bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters, according IARU Region 1 band plan.

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